The Great Man

Maintains his way of thinking indenpendently of public opinion.

Is calm, serene, patient, does not scream or despair.

Think clearly, speaks with intelligence, lives with simplicity.

Is from the future, not from the past.

Always have time.

Does not despise any human being.

Cause the impression of the vast silence of nature: the SKY.

Is not vain.

Since he is not seeking for applause, he never takes offense.

Always have more than judge to deserve.

Is always willing to learn, even from the children.

Lives within his own spiritual isolation, where neither praise or censure comes.

Neverthless, their isolation is not cold: Love – Suffer – Think – Understand.

What you have, money, social position, mean nothing to him.

Only matters what you are.

Despises self-opinion so quickly he checks his error.

Does not respect uses established and venerated by narrow spirits.

Respects only the Truth.

Has the mind of a man and a boy’s heart.

Knows himself, as he is, and knows GOD.

Unknown author.