Trainee Technical Assistant

SENAI-SP – National Service for Industrial Apprenticeship – FIESP


As every Trainee programs, I am undergoing various sectors such as Innovation and Technology Management (GIT¹), External Relations Department (DRE¹), Infrastructure and Project Management (GPI¹) and Continuing Education Training in school units.

I also had contributed to the organization of the Apprenticeship Olympics² until de world phase, wich is also known as WorldSkills International.

¹ Original acronyms in portuguese.
² Free translation of “Olimpíada do Conhecimento”.

Autodesk Inventor Instructor

“Morvan Figueiredo” – SENAI School – São Paulo

JAN/2010 – JUN/2011

Acting as expert instructor in Autodesk Inventor, providing three full courses of 80 hours long each one.

CAD&CAM Solutions Expert

GRAPHO Design Softwares – São Paulo

APR/2008 – MAR/2010

I worked as a trainee for a long time, being held in early 2010, but I decided to close the activities with the company to dedicate myself fully to training for WorldSkills International. This company helped me a lot during the preparation process for the training.

Instructor of Technology and Practice in General Mechanics -Módule II

“Roberto Simonsen” – SENAI School – São Paulo

JAN/2007 – JUN/2009

This was my first performance with teaching skills that provided me the whole foundation for success.

Technician of process improvement for hip prothesis testing machine

Escola SENAI “Roberto Simonsen” – São Paulo

FEB/2008 – JUL/2008

I worked in the manufacture of parts to compose a test machine. All activities were developed on CNC and conventional machines.