Studying Project Management at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, graduated as Technologist in Mechanical Design FATEC-SP and formed the technical course in mechanics at SENAI-SP also found several industrial training courses and specializations made in the best educational institutions in Brazil, such as SENAI, Mitutoyo, Integration Business Schools, Autodesk, among others. Today is a member of the EC-004: 005,006 Tolerances Study Commission and Adjustments ABNT / CB-004 Brazilian Committee of Machinery and Mechanical Equipment.

He has experience in mechanical design with an emphasis on digital prototyping, presented several lectures on this subject at international fairs and colleges in the state of São Paulo.

As a specialist in CAD / CAM software, was champion at the 41st WorldSkills mode in “Mechanical Engineering Design CAD” and is currently considered the world reference in the field. Moreover, it was also technical specialist in one of Autodesk reseller representative in São Paulo.

With a potential acquired through experiences that provided the technical and personal development, have the qualifications necessary for the development and project management, tecnolgias CAD / CAM and mechanical designs.